School Materials/Ibikoresho by'ibanze bisabwa umunyeshuri mbere yo kwinjira mu kigo


1. Bibiliya N'indirimbo Biri Mu Rurimi Rw'icyongereza     23. Amakaye 10 manini(Ipaji 200) cyangwa registre n'amakayi 10 mato(ipaji 96  
2. Matelas 1       24. Amakaramu 5 y'ubururu, 3 y'umutuku, 2 y'umukara  
3. Ikiringiti 1       25. Agasanduku k'ibikoresho by'imibare  
4. Amashuka (Paire 2)       26. Agacamurongo(30cm)  
5. Indobo 1       27. Calculatrice(Caculator)  
6. Kamambiri       28. Ibitabo by'umunyeshuri  
7. Inzitiramibu       29. Itaburiya kubiga ibinyabuzima, ubutabire, ubugenge  
8. Ubwishingizi Bwo Kwivuza(Mituelle)   30. Flash disk kubiga ikoranabuhanga  
9. Isabune 4 Zo Gukaraba N'imiti 2 Y'isabune Zo Kumesa   31. Ipaki y'impapuro (Ream of paper)  
10. Impapuro Z'isuku 10          
11. Uburoso N'umuti W'amenyo     ICYITONDERWA  
12. Inkweto Z'umukara Zifunze(Imiguru 2)      
13. Cotex 3       1.Ntawe uzakirwa adafite urupapuro yishyuriyeho amafaranga y'ishuri  
14. Amasogisi Y'umweru Maremare Ku Bakobwa   2. Abanyeshuri bose biga bacumbikirwa basabwa kurara mu kigo ku munsi    
15. Imiswara 3       Minisiteri izaba yashyizeho kandi utazabyubahiriza ntazakirwa  
16. Inkweto N'amasogisi Bya Siporo   3. Umwana uzakererwa ku gihe cyateganijwe kubera impamvu zitandukanye, azakirwa aruko azanye n'umubyeyi cyangwa se umurera  
17. Imyenda Ya Siporo          
18. Ikanya, Icyuma Cyo Ku Meza N'akayiko Gato      
19. Sim Card Igura Mafaranga 100        
20. Amafaranga 500 Yo Kwiyogoshesha      
21. Amafaranga Ya Tike Yo Kuzamusubizayo      
22. Icupa Rikomeye Ryo Kubikamo Amazi Yo Kunywa  




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SCHOOL MOTTO:  Strenthened for shining

SCHOOL VISION: Is to become a center for christian educationand academic excellence in different domains especially in sciences, social sciences, and ict at the international level.

SCHOOL MISSION: TO provide quality holistic education to individuals to face the present and future challenges



GAHOGO ADVENTIST ACADEMY is a mixed boarding Christian school that was founded by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. However, it hosts all denominations with no distinction because we are all created in the image of God. All staff members and students co-exist harmoniously as do members of one body.

 A brief History of GAA

Gahogo Adventist Academy (GAA) was founded in 2010 but officially opened its doors in January 2010. It is located in the Southern province, MUHANGA District, Nyamabuye Sector, Gahogo Cell, Nyarucyamu II village. It opened with these options: Ordinary level and Advanced level MPG (Maths-Physics-Geography and MPC(Maths-Physics-Computer).

Today, Gahogo Adventist Academy has two up-to date dormitories, kitchen, cafeteria and classrooms. It has O’level from S1 to S3 and from S4 to S6 and has these combinations: Maths-Biology-Chemistry (MCB), Maths-Economics-Geography(MEG), Maths-Computer-Economics (MCE), History-Economics-Geography(HEG), Literature-Economics-Geography(LEG), Maths-Physics-Geography(MPG), Maths-Physics- Computer (MPC),


Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School, Gahogo Adventist Academy is committed to providing holistic education based on Christian principles, developing and nurturing in its students a thirst for personal faith, academic excellence, steadfast integrity, cross-cultural understanding, environmental responsibility, and selfless service to God and society.

A core understanding is that education is concerned not only with a preparation for this life but also for the future life and therefore must embrace the harmonious, holistic development of the intellectual, social, physical, as well as the spiritual dimensions of each individual.

 Statement of Objectives:
Arising from this philosophical framework, the specific objectives of SDA GAHOGO ADVENTIST ACADEMY are:

1.To assist students to have and share the riches of grace that gives them faith by which they can have scriptures based personal and permanent relationship with God, believing that trust in Him grants and keeps them in continuous growth of experience and joy of salvation; and high ethical standards.

2. To facilitate students in the mastery of cognitive skills of critical reasoning, independent thinking, reflective judgment, communication and creativity as students encounter social, economic and political issues in their society.

3. To assist students in developing an appreciation for the dignity of labour and attaining knowledge-based competencies essential for productive citizenship, leadership and service in an increasingly complex global society and to empower students to take responsibility for their own well-being through a health-promoting lifestyle.

4.To assist students in developing spiritual appreciation


The vision of GAHOGO ADVENTIST ACADEMY is to become a center for academic excellence in different domains, especially in Sciences, Social sciences, and ICT at the international level.

-Student Pledge

All students who apply and are accepted to be part of the school community and student body thereby pledge themselves to uphold the rules and regulations of the school as outlined in this handbook.

Students who do not respect their commitment to the unique character of Gahogo Adventist Academy must face disciplinary action measures.



Unless stated otherwise, the following Rules and Regulations and code of conduct shall be binding on every student both during his/her stay at school and outside school, provided she or he is still a member of GAHOGO ADVENTIST ACADEMY.


2.2.1All students MUST report back to school on the scheduled dates between 8.00a.m and 5.00p.m in full uniform and shall be checked at the gate or any other place reserved for checking for only boarding students.

2.2.2 A student who reports later than 5.00 p.m shall be allowed in school and the following day the parent invited.

2.2.3 Any student who doesn’t report on the official day as stipulated shall be required to be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian at the time of reporting to school.

2.2.4 A student will forfeit his/her place if without the knowledge and permission of the school s/he shall stay away from school for more than two weeks after the beginning of the term. This will not apply where failure to report in time is due to medical reasons in which case s/he shall be required to produce a medical report from the doctor.

2.2.5 A student shall be required to come with the parent or guardian if she or he stays home longer than the time indicated on the pass-out form or announced by the ministry of education, otherwise she or he will be referred back home.

2.2.6 All students MUST use the main school gate to and from the school. A student breaching this Rule shall be charged by the school authorities accordingly.

2.2.7 Once admitted as a boarder, any student who changes to day scholar without permission will forfeit his/her vacancy.

2.2.8 Saturday is Sabbath therefore not a working day. NO parent/guardian or student shall report to school on that day. Anyone who does so shall be denied entry to school.



3.1 School fees shall be paid in full in the respective banks on the stipulated school accounts.

3.2 Bank drafts or bank slips shall be presented to the cashier immediately on arrival at the school. A clearance form shall be obtained from the Bursar before a student proceeds to the dormitory and or class.

3.3 All financial issues shall be handled by the Headmaster together with the parent/guardian of the student.

3.4 Any student without a clearance form from the cashier or Headmaster shall not be admitted in class or dormitory and shall be denied accessibility to the school or its school facilities. If found such a student shall be treated as a trespasser and punished.

3.5 Any form or fraud is criminal, hence will lead to dismissal of the student involved including reporting the matter to the police.

3.6 A student who pays fees and keeps the bank slip for selfish interests shall face one (1) week suspension.




(4.1) All students shall be required to wear full and proper uniform supplied from the school during their stay at the school as follows:

a)Class time

  (i ) O’level and A’level shall wear light blue short-sleeved shirt, dark blue pair of trousers/skirts, a black tie, school sweater white socks and black shoes.

(b) Sabbath:

(i)All students shall wear the Sabbath uniform i.e. Light blue short-sleeved shirts the whole day

ii) Girls shall wear white socks and always pulled up properly

iii)All boys shall wear white socks

iv) Only low-heeled closed black shoes MUST be worn at school. Any other type of shoes will be confiscated and shall not be returned to the owner. Sandals should never be worn beyond the dormitories.

c) Co-curriculum time:

Students shall wear House T-shirts and sports wear shorts provided by the school or Club T-shirts which are in House colors as required by the school 

4.2 No other T-shirt should be brought to school or worn outside classes apart from the House /Club T-shirt and sports shorts provided by the school.

4.3 Tampering with the school uniform in any way shall result into at least one week (1 week suspension and on return the concerned student shall purchase a new one and failure to change shall lead to indefinite suspension.

4.4 A student found on No-uniforms attire shall be suspended for not less than one (1week).

4.5 Students leaving school or reporting back from their homes MUST be dressed in their full class uniform.

4.6 Ornaments such as earrings, ear pins, necklaces, artificial nails, bracelets, rings, bangles, MUST not be worn at anyone time while at school.

4.7 Makeup such as cutex, lipsticks, eye pencils, body painting, tattoos, etc shall not be worn at school.

4.8 Hair MUST be kept short (3mm) as determined by the school administration, natural and uniformly cut Braiding, stylish haircuts, hair perming, bare heads MUST not be worn at the school. Students with fashioned haircuts shall be required to cut them off.

4.9 Any student who shall breach the above rules or dress code shall face disciplinary action, which involves any of the timing. Confiscation of the unwanted property without return, trimming of the hair, suspension for at least one (1week) week or indefinite suspension.

4.10 Disorderliness including being shabby, untidy and failure to wear a school uniform properly shall be punishable. Failure to reform will lead to indefinite suspension from school.

4.11 Shirts and T-shirts shall be tucked in at all times failure to do so is punishable by a suspension of at least one (1) week.

4.12 All male students must completely shave off their beards.

NB:- Shaving of beards by boys, bathing, washing, polishing shoes, brushing and combing will fall in the category of tidiness and cleanliness.




The following offences and sanctions are structured  in accordance with the human rights and are intended to enhance the discipline principles according to the quality standards in education for Nursery, Primary and secondary schools in Rwanda, Art.18, Standard: Disciplined students; They are also in accordance with the Seventh Day Adventist Church philosophy to train a disciplined person.


Art. 17  The sanctions that are given are the following:


1. The rebuke

2. Conduct marks deduction

3. Manual work (clearing the school environment or building)

4. Probation

5. Suspension

6. Expulsion (becoming a day scholar/indefinite)

The Maximum conduct marks is forty (40mks)

Art.2 Offences that are sanctioned by discipline marks deduction

These sanctions are intended to help the student to have a good behavior, any sanction given should be preceded (better) or followed by a conversation with the student.



Delay in any school program


Absence in any school program


Neglected dressing(Not tucking in)

2 or/and manual (if repeated) work

Non uniform clothes

3 and keeping clothes

Disorder in any school program


Body decoration (lip stick, eyes, nails, fingers, bangles, necklace, hair, etc.)

10 and removing it

Speaking vernacular language

3 and manual work

Negligence of academic work

5 and zero

Cheating(coup d’oeil)

5 and zero

Indiscipline (abusing, insulting, ) other students


Not having notes of any academic work


Not carrying the Bible and hymn in the school worship program


School material damaging

5 and paying it back /repairing it

Forgetting the discipline card


Losing discipline card

Paying it the double of the price, 10mks bringing the parent

Throwing papers anywhere

3 plus collecting paper in the school compound

Changing the place in class or anywhere

3 + manual work

Pocket down, unbuttoning upper shirt button for girls


Modification of   uniform without permission

5 and buying a new one

NB. For the first time the authority who sanctions can either deduct marks or give a manual work. For the second time the authority can give both (deducting conduct marks, manual work)

Art. 18 Offences leading to suspension for (a) week(s) (-5mks of conduct)

1. Offence committed during the probation period

2. Abusing/insulting a member of the staff

3. Going out during the day without permission, in addition to suspension for week(s) you may be required to repair the fence.

4. Possession of any material electrical or non electrical. This material is kept by the school (this does not include telephone)

5. Unauthorized day visiting even by your parent without permission

6. Unauthorized meeting of any group of students

7. Private or semi private conversation of two people of different sexes

8. Staying in the dormitory without a written permission from the discipline Master

9. Absence in Sabbath Day activities

Art. 19 Offences that lead to expulsion from the school

1. Unauthorized Night visiting and going out

2. Leading others to rebellion, strife, strike, and undertaking subversive activities

3. Intemperance (smoking tobacco, ganja, taking beer), and some other products that are harmful to health

4. Fight

5. Theft

6. Arms (weapon, machete, knife, or any other material that can be used to kill people) possession

7. Genocide ideology and any kind of divisionism (Segregation), ethnic, origin, racial, etc.

8. Provocation, threat or other type of violence attempt

9. Infraction committed during the probation period

10.Telephone possession

11.Bringing any kind of food in any school place without permission

12.Possessing or displaying of obscene literature(pornography),etc.

13.Any attempt of sexual  intercourse with a person of the same or different sex.

14.Creation of any club or association without permission

15.Organizing a party in the school without permission

16.Exagerated indiscipline

17.Going home without permission

18.Absence from School for TWO weeks without permission and above




5.1 School programme opens at exactly exactly 7.00a.m every morning during  working days.

5.2 Class attendance and homework are compulsory for every student.

5.3 Students who will be found not taking academics serious e.g. by dodging classes, preps, tests, seminars, examinations etc. shall face disciplinary action of suspension at least one (1) week.

5.4 All students shall be required to do all class exercises or assignments, tests and examinations at the scheduled time.

5.5 Fraudulent practices like copying and cheating in examination rooms is an offence and shall lead the student in question for a period of not less than one( 1) week on the first offence and indefinitely for the second convict.

5.6 A student who fails to perform according to the set standard average mark by the school administration will be required to repeat the particular class. However, prior to that, she or he will be warned in writing and where necessary the parent/ guardian will be invited to school for a discussion about the poor performance of the concerned student.

5.7 Preparation is mandatory for every boarder. Boarders MUST do their preparation in the designated rooms and orderliness is expected.

5.8 No students shall be allowed out of the preparation room without the permission of any administrator, patron, matron, teacher on duty or students leader in charge of the room.

5.9 Students shall do preps in their respective class rooms.  

5.10 All students must vacate classrooms after evening preparation, and those who wish to have further study (extension) must do so with permission.

5.11 Persistent disorderliness during preps time shall be punishable for at least one week suspension.




6.1 Between lights out i.e 9.30 p.m and waking up 5.00am, every student shall be expected to be asleep in her/his respective dormitory. Any body found disorderly shall be punished.

6.2 High level of orderliness shall be observed in the reading rooms by the students who prolong their reading after preparations. NB. Extension shall not go beyond 10.00pm.

6.3 No student shall be allowed to organize or conduct any party, meeting, prayer or any other social activity in the dormitory or at school without the permission of the Discipline Master or Director.

6.4 Burners, lamps, candles, etc. are not allowed in the dormitories otherwise they will be confiscated and the owner will be suspended for not less than two(2) weeks and/or pay electrical power consumed. The amount shall be fixed by discipline committee the accountant included.

6.5 Dormitories shall be out of bounds during class time, preparations, chapel, school assemblies and any other school programmes or functions. Any student found in the dormitory without permission shall be punished by a suspension of not less than one (1) week on the first offence. The student must pay anything that is missing during his/her stay in dormitory



7.1 Student shall eat Food/Meals prepared by the school

7.2 No special diet will be provided to any student.

7.3 Private cooking and boiling is illegal

7.5 Meals shall be served as per the school timetable.

7.6 Student shall not serve themselves foodstuffs from the cafeteria without permission, if found this shall be regarded as theft.

7.7 Students found smuggling in unauthorized foodstuffs or drinks, or in possession of the same shall be suspended not less than one punished by indefinite suspension from the school.

7.8 Special menu shall be given to the person with serious disease after the discussion between the parent/guardian and the administration. The parent shall pay extra money after the agreement with the school.




8.1 Chapel is compulsory to all students and each student MUST carry his/her Hymnbook and Bible to the Chapel for use during the exercise.

8.2 Every student shall be expected to maintain high discipline in the Chapel. Conversing, sleeping, violation of order and any other form of hooliganism shall be punished.

8.3 Prayers organized at awkward times shall be a breach of the school Rules and Regulations and shall not be allowed.

8.4 Individual prayers may be allowed on condition that they are conducted within the school premises and do not interrupt other students and the rest of the school programmes.

8.5 Day scholars MUST attend Sabbath worship programme every third Sabbath of the month. Absenteeism shall be punished by manual work.

NB: - All students MUST attend all school activities such as prayers, assemblies, guidance sessions, and roll call etc., organized either by students’ leaders or the School Administration. Late coming, misconduct or absenteeism during the above school activities without permission shall be punishable as determined by the School Administration.




9.1 Proper hygiene MUST be strictly observed in classrooms, chapel, dormitories, public places, school compound etc.

9.2 Trespassing together with destruction of vegetation, dumping waste material, polythene papers, etc, within the school compound is an offence.

9.3 A high level of personal hygiene shall be expected of every student.

9.4 School work programme i.e. general cleaning of classes, chapel, dormitories, compound is compulsory to every student.

9.5 Any student breaking the above rules shall face disciplinary action by the school Administration.




10.1 All school property MUST  be respected and protected. Any damage should be reported immediately to the students’ leaders, teacher on duty or School Administration.

10.2 Malicious damage, vandalism, mishandling etc. of any school property or property of other fellow students will lead to a one(1)week suspension on top of requiring the student responsible to replace the property damaged or destroyed to the extent deemed fit by the School Administration.

10.3 Furniture MUST not leave its respective rooms at any time except with the permission of the teacher/administrator concerned.

10.4 Inscribing or writing or painting on school buildings or walls or property is prohibited. A student caught in the act will be required to replace the furniture spoilt or mend or buy materials necessary for repairing the relevant school property.

10.5 Personal property MUST be respected and protected. Failure to comply the effected student shall be punished accordingly.




11.1 With exception of flat irons, other gadgets like water heaters, electrical kettles, hot plates, radios of any nature, cassettes, TV sets, Video tapes, mobile phones or their accessories, radio call, etc are NOT allowed at the school.

11.2 Using or keeping any of the above forbidden gadgets while at school shall lead to their confiscation at the owner’s risk and shall be indefinitely suspended.




12.1 The girls’ dormitory to male and vice-versa

12.2 Staff quarters for students except in case of emergency or with the permission of the Patron or Matron or Discipline Master.

12.3 The staff room to students without permission.

12.4 The cafeteria  and  to students except during the meal hours.

12.5 Canteens during class, chapel and preparation time.

12.6 Laboratories, Computer room, Library, Administrative offices in the absence of the concerned member of staff.

12.7 The dispensary premises without a valid and updated medical form or permission.

12.8 The school farm except in cases where escorted by staff members

12.9 The mother church unless with written permission from the school administration.

12.10 The District pastor’s premises.

12.11 Any body breaching these rules shall face a disciplinary action by the School Administration.

12.12 Kitchen



13.1 Each student shall be allocated a house by School Administration on admission from which she/he shall not change.

 13.2 Clubs or societies should be formed with the permission of the School Administration and MUST have members of staff as their patrons/Matron.

13.3 Every student is free to join  any club of his/her choice.

13.4 A club or House chairperson MUST communicate through his/her patron/Matron.

13.5 All correspondence from clubs and houses to other schools MUST be addressed through the Headmaster or Discipline Master..

13.6 No club or house shall make a trip without the patron. However, the patron may request another member of staff to escort the group on his/her behalf.

13.7 Publication of any materials or magazine for external or internal consumption or circulation of any such materials MUST obtain the approval of the Headmaster.

13.8 Any student who breaches the above rules shall be punished by the School Administration.



14.1 At the end of every school term, each student shall CLEAR with relevant members of staff before his/her report card is released. Failure to clear shall be punishable.

14.2 Students MUST not sell personal property to each other or to any school employee, or outsiders articles like shoes, mattress, blankets, bed sheets, clothes, books or any other material edible or not edible.

14.3 No student is allowed to mobilize or collect funds from fellow students except with the permission of the Headmaster.

14.4 All students shall at all times be expected to obey and respect each other, the School Administration, staff and any students’ leader at any level.

14.5 Any student who refuses to take orders, punishments or disobeys the school Administration, staff or student leaders shall be disciplined accordingly.

14.6 Students’ leaders at any level have the right to reprimand or correct a student found to be in the wrong BUT not give corporal punishment, or marks deduction. They should forward major cases to the member of staff on duty or the School Administration.

14.7 Borrowing and lending of money, or exchange of items/articles by students to students is NOT allowed at the owner’s risk.

14.8 Pocket money shall be kept with the cashier’s office. Keeping money in the dormitories shall be at the owner’s risk.

14.9 All students MUST carry their identity cards (student and Discipline cards) wherever they are for security and easy identification purposes.

14.10 Any student leaving school shall seek written permission from the patron (boys) or matron ( girls) which shall be endorsed by the Discipline master  Headmaster and shall use the school main gate to and from home having signed with relevant offices.

14.11 Escaping or going out of the school campus without permission shall be an offence and shall mean self-expulsion.

14.12 Students who are sent home MUST report directly to their parents or guardians.

14.13 Medicines shall be kept and taken from the dispensary. No medicines shall be taken without the prescription and presence of the medical personnel.

14.14 Any form of false communication to parents/guardians by the students shall be punished by the school administration, accordingly.




The following shall lead to immediate expulsion of the student(s) in question.

(a)    Drinking of alcohol or being in possession of the same on the school compound.

(b)   Smoking of cigarettes or marijuana or taking of intoxicating drugs or being found in possession of the same.

(c)     Carrying of any weapons like pistol, bullets, grenade, fuel or any lethal instrument like blades, knives, etc.

(d)   Forging documents like altering bank slips, report cards, pass out forms, medical forms, impersonation, examination scripts, etc.

(e)    Abusing, insulting or assaulting a member of staff or any student.

(f)    Indecent relationship of students with the opposite or the same sex of fellow students or a staff member and or any other person.

(g)    Violence including bullying, use of foul (vulgar/obscene) language, hooliganism, fighting, malice and being abusive.

(h)   Theft will lead to the culprit compensating the offended party and indefinitely suspended. In case of failure to comply with the school administration, the culprit will be handed over to the police.

(i)     Being in possession of items like condoms, contraceptive pills and pornographic material.

(j)     Escaping or leaving school premises without formal permission.

(k)   Organizing illegal meetings or mobilizing other students for purposes of defying school authority.

(l)     Tampering with electrical or any other installations and appliances.

(m) Gambling using playing cards, bean seeds, coins, bottle tops, etc.

(n)   Practicing mob-justice on any suspect.



 16.1Any grievance or complaints MUST be channeled to the form captains, house captains, room leaders, prefects, teachers, Patrons/Matrons, Deputy Headmasters or Headmaster.




 17.1 Parents/guardians (visitors) are expected to be dressed modestly while coming to school to show a good example to the students.

 17.2 Only those parents/guardians who have been provided with school parents’ identity cards will be allowed at the school on VISITATION days, which will start from 9.30am to 3.00pm.

 17.3 students shall not receive, entertain, host or accommodate unauthorized visitors at school without the knowledge and permission of the patron for boys, matron for girls with approval of the Discipline Master.

 17.4 Parents/guardians are not allowed in the dormitories.

Any student who usher the parent to the dormitory will be punished.

 17.5 No visitor/guardian/parent shall carry any cooked food to school. No visitor shall carry any forbidden items like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food etc. to school. The student who will host a visitor carrying such forbidden items or who shall be found in possession of the same shall be suspended indefinitely.

 17.6 The school has a right to deny any visitor entry to the school premises.

 17.7 During external examinations period, parents or guardians and other visitors will not be allowed to visit their children or students.

 17.8 Any information brought by the guardian or any visitor shall be left at the gate and registered with the security personnel who will pass it over to the student.

 17.9 In case of any emergency during external examination period, only the Headmaster will grant the required permissions.

 17.10 Failure by parents/guardians (visitors) to abide by the school rules on visiting days shall lead to indefinite suspension of the student concerned. Further still the parent or guardian (visitor) will be regarded as a trespasser.




 18.1 In case of any problem, the parent or guardian who was registered by the school Administration and issued with a parent’s identity card shall be the only one entertained or given audience after producing the school parent’s card.




 19.1 The School Administration has the right to amend or vary these Rules and Regulations and the code of conduct.




 20.1 The School Administration still reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct is found to be unbecoming or unsatisfactory even if it is not specifically mentioned in these Rules and Regulations.

 20.2 Any student who is suspended shall be expected to leave the school premises immediately and shall thereafter be deemed a trespasser. She/he should only come back to school in the company of her/his bonafide parent or guardian who was officially registered and issued with the school parent’s card. 

 20.3 These Rules and Regulations and the code of conduct are binding to ALL students.


 (A)  By the student


A student of Gahogo Adventist Academy in…………………(class) have read the School  Rules and Regulations and understood them. I hereby pledge to obey and comply with all of them and any other directive that incase I case I break any of these school rules, or amendments there to and or the said directives the school Administration shall be at liberty to take a disciplinary action against me. Therefore, I vow and agree to abide by them.

 Signed: ………………………………………



(B)  By Parent or Guardian


Being the parent or guardian of……………………………………………………….

who is a student of Gahogo Adventist Academy in………………………… (Class) have fully agreed that my child shall throughout his or her stay in the school be bound by the said Rules and also agree that the school authorities shall be entitled to impose any of the sanctions or disciplinary action set out in the Rules and Regulations in case s/he violates any of the stated Rules and Regulations. I also undertake to ensure that my child shall obey the School Rules and Regulations.

 Signed: …………………………………………………

Name: …………………………………………………..

Date: ……………………………………………………

Telephone contact: ……………………………………..

 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY(Names and Signatures)

(i)                 Principal:……………………………………….

(ii)               Dean of studies………………………………………

(iii)              Discipline Master………………………………………..

(iv)              Accountant:……………………………………

(v)              Chaplain:………………………………………





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