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It was GAHOGO ADVENTIST ACADEMY students Trip from MUHANGA district (southern province) to RUBAVU district (western province) especially at lake Kivu . This was most important trip and field studies for every student and stuff leaders. They started journey from MUHANGA at 07:02 am. Enter in NGORORERO district at 08:16 am, passed on left side NYABARONGO River and where was HABYARIMANA’s home in gasiza sector. They passed through NYABIHU district at 09:15 am there is RWANDA MOUNTAIN TEA and TEA FACTORY, they visited KARAGO LAKE which is new formed due to alluvial deposit and flooding plane the River Nyamukongoro  flows into Karago lake at 09:50 up to 10:28 am.

They also visited COLLEGE ADVENTIST DE RWANKERI  at 10:45 they conversation with them so they left at 11:47, they passed through different sectors of Rubavu district: Jenda, Kora, Bigogwe, Kijote, Gishwati, Mizingo, Kabari, Mahoko, Rugerero (Nyundo), Pfunda(Pfunda tea factory) , They reached in Gisenyi town at 14:05 and took rest by taking lunch in 10 sur 10 restaurant in Gisenyi town after, trip continued and passed on small border and big border of Rwanda and DR Congo up to Kivu lake on TamTam beach at 16:21 pm . It was a nice place for every one because of fresh air and beautiful scene, they enjoyed life by travelling in boat playing on beach some swimming into lake, taking photos….  Left  lake at 17:20. Ended by visiting GISENYI ADENTIST SECONDARY SCHOOL (GASS) at 17:35 pm where Head master of GAA and his two students   interviewed about the studies and how was a trip.

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Leisure time in our School


Music, sports, clubs or origami? Fill our leisure time with whatever interests us most. Depending on your destination and personal interests, you can let your imagination run wild and dare to try something new. The more you get involved, the more fun you will have and the more you will learn.


Try new activities

 It is important to be active and dare to try new things. In many countries, leisure activities are linked to school. The possibilities are endless, including various sports, music groups and clubs.

You might join the  football team or play in the school mass sport. Your host family and local representative are always happy to help you.

Experience more 

You might eat dinner together every evening, watch a film together or go on an excursion. Remember that all families are different and some are more active than others. You might go to church with your family sometimes, or accompany them to meals with relatives.





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